3 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

3 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

Money is something needed in this life. We need money to meet our needs. We should have money for buying foods, clothes, house, and much more. Many people work hard to get money so they can meet their needs. But, you should also do several simple things to get extra money. Do you want to make money online? These are the ways that you can do to get extra cash in your pocket.

Do Small Jobs

You can do small job from some people that are ready to hire you. You just need to do the required task. If the task is completed, you will be paid. The payment of the task can be different.

  1. Field Agent

Field Agent requires you to help gather information. You will be an agent and find jobs. The job is various. As an example, you might be hired to shoot video or take photos of a product’s display in a store. You can also get extra money by answering the consumer surveys. You will be paid using the Field Agent app. You might be able to earn $2$12 for each job. You can earn much money if you can complete more tasks.

  1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack will help you to make your own source of income if you have a certain skill. This is an online marketplace particularly for local professionals. You can find personal trainers, florists, painters, makeup artists, pet sitters roofers, and others with the site. Potential customers will answer some questions about what they need. Through this site, you can see their requirements and propose the jobs that you would like to do. This is nice site to make money online.

  1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit will take you in touch with some people that need immediate help. You will become a tasker. You should complete an application, pass an interview, and overtake the background check. You should also take a quiz to show that you read the handbook. The tasks are various from planning a party, assembling furniture, doing small repairs, shopping, and so on.

Sell handmade crafts

You can earn money online by selling handmade items. It will be a fun way. These are the recommended sites for you.

  1. Etsy

You can make your own online store for selling your handmade crafts. You will be able to make money online. Etsy will make you easy to make a product catalog so the buyers can easily see and buy your items. It is free to make your shop, but this site charges a fee for every item that you post. It will take a 3.5% cut for anything you sell.

  1. Handmade at Amazon

Amazon is similar to Etsy, but it is a much larger site. It means that there will be bigger possibility to be seen by more customers. There is no charge to list your handmade crafts. But, Amazon will take 12% of your sales.


If you love writing, these sites will pay you to write.

  1. WriterAccess

This site connects lots of freelance writers. Freelancers should send their resumes and complete the screening process. The prices are various depending on the star rating.

  1. ListVerse

ListVerse will pay you for 10 fun facts about anything. The articles should start with the number 10. If you love writing, it is easy way to make money online.

How To Select The Best MLM Company

What do you think of when you hear Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)? Many people think that MLM business is a great opportunity to make money. Others directly think MLM as a pyramid scam or scheme. Actually, MLM companies are legitimate. This business offers a great way to earn extra money.

With the arrival of the internet, there is possibility to run an MLM online. The reason why some people do not trust the MLM is the unrealistic goals of the MLM. It is very important for you to check if the MLM opportunity is legit or not. Some people are making good incomes by working MLM programs.

Do you want to know the secret to success? I have listed several things that should be considered before joining an MLM. Things that should be considered when selecting MLM business are:
Make sure that the company offers real product. If you find the company does not offer product and you should pay money to join the business, it is not an MLM. Indeed, it is a scam and illegal.

Be careful toward Get Rich Quick Ads. MLM is a real business. You should consider that you will not get rich overnight.
Ensure the company that you want to join has been in business market for a least a few years. It should establish a good reputation.

You need to check out the record of the MLM business. You can use Better Business Bureau to check. Make sure that the company has a clean record? Look at the complaints about the company. It is better to be safe.

Select a company that creates products that you will use yourself. If you use the product, you will be much easier to sell.
Select an MLM company that utilizes internet as a marketing tool. You will have a vast customer base to sell. The company will provide you a site and a range of online tools to use. If you get a site, you can build your own site so it will be unique. Your unique site will separate you from other sites.

Pros of running an Online MLM Business:

You can run your business from your home, so you will have more time at home with your family.

You own a product that is already set up. It means that you should not to pay to manufacture and develop your product.

You will have a vast targetted audience on the internet. You do not need to hound your family and friends about your business opportunity or product.

You will be positioned on a team and you will get a valuable training and support from your leaders so you can build your business. You can learn from their faults to become a success.

Cons of running an Online MLM Business:

You may compete with thousands of affiliates in your local area. This can be a problem. You need to look for company that has a small number of sellers in your local area.

Running online MLM is not easy. You should work hard.

Join and Enjoy the Benefit with Crowdfunders United

At Telephone Systems For Business one of our missions is to reach to to MLM companies and other small business to help with growht. However we like to review and do our homework to make sure a company is legit. So today we are doing a review of Crowdfunders United!

When reviewing a new MLM company, the first thing that should be looked is the website of the company. We should see the background information that is provided, so we can know more about the company. But, at this day, there are many new companies that do not provide enough information on the website.

Crowdfunders United is one of them. The official website of this company does not provide any information regarding to who owns the company and where it is actually located.

When we are looking at the domain name of the Crowdfunders United website, we can see that it was registered on May 20th 2016. Unfortunately, we cannot exactly determine where the registration took place. From the Terms and Conditions that are listed on the website, we can expect that the company is located someplace in the Netherlands.

As well, Alexa ratings recently proves that around 95.8% of all traffics that received by Crowdfunders United website comes from the Netherlands. Although it is not publicly stated on the website, we can assume that Netherland is where this company is being operated.
Crowdfunders United does not have a sort of product line to sell to the affiliates or customers. This is a trend we have been seeing newly in the MLM market. Without a product line, there will be no opportunity for a company to offer retail sales. When the retail sales are not able to take place, the only income to support Crowdfunders United are the investments that they are getting from the affiliates. When the members invest their money to the company, they are qualified to start getting commissions through the company.

When the time to pay the commissions comes, Crowdfunders United can be forced to pay the commissions with investments they have collected from other affiliate. The investments from the members are then right away sent out to other members that exist.

The members of Crowdfunders United will be paid through a 2 x 6 matrix system. In 2 x 6 matrix system, the payments will not go out to members until 126 positions have been filled. The positions can be filled through both direct and indirect recruitment.
If you want to sign up as a member of Crowdfunders United, Your membership is free at the first year. After the first year is up, you should pay a membership fee of 25 EUR per year. In addition, if the members want to start earning cash through the ROIs they are required to give a minimum investment (250 EUR).
In CrowdFunders United, you will be paid if you support members that invest between  €250 up to €5000 EUR. The promises are up to €250,000 EUR. This is the detail of the compensation plan.
Starter. You need to invest €250 EUR and you can earn €12,500 EUR
Premium. You need to invest €500 EUR and you can earn  €25,000 EUR
Business . You need to  €750 EUR and you can earn €37,500 EUR
Professional. You need to  €1000 EUR and you can earn €50,000 EUR
Enterprise. You need to  €1250 EUR and you can earn €62,500 EUR
VIP. You need to €2500 EUR and you can earn  €125,000 EUR
Founder. You need to €5000 EUR and you can earn  €250,000 EUR

For MLM Company Reviews We Suggest:



My Favorite Nine Ways To Kill It Online

There are still many people who do not know that doing online business is not easy. Most of the online sale sites create a promotion using social media. Do you want to succeed in business online? Check out these ways to sell online:

1. Marketing

If you are just starting to sell online, you may be confused with the first way to promote your products. To meet the needs of the customer, you can endorse actor/actress or pay for advertising in some social media.

These steps are important for online marketing. Endorsing actor or actress can attract the consumers’ attention. It is great idea if you have enough budgets. Your products can be known by many people.

2. Create attractive content

If you want to promote a product using the website, you should create an attractive content. Having interesting content is vital for an online business.

Interesting content will be able to attract the consumers’ desire. The consumers will continue to read your post. There will be big possibility to buy your product. You should also make the content simple so the customers can find items that will be purchased easily.

3. Determine your target

By doing some market research, you will easily optimize the marketing budgets. You can also increase the sales of your products. After doing research, you need to specify the sales target.

You must have a revenue achievement how much money to generate each month. Target is important since it will motivate you to achieve your success. Without target, you cannot optimize your business.

4. Pay per click

If you want to open an eCommerce business, you can invest in a website. You can take the advantage of pay-per-click. If your customers often open a website and click on the products that you sell, you will obtain great revenue. Each click will provide you revenue.

5. Give photos of the products

You need to take picture the items that you sell. It is very important thing to introduce your products. The photos shown should be interesting. If you sell clothing, you should use the model.

This way will attract your consumers to buy your products. Editing the photos is also important to get very interesting picture.

6. Give free information

You will get better search engine rankings if you give free information to other sites. You can make articles, videos or other contents and distribute those contents through social media sites or online article directories.

7. Give send-to-a-friend links

Do not forget to give send-to-a-friend links on valued content.

8. Active in online forum

Remember to be active in social networking sites and industry forums where your targets hang out. You should be close with your costumers so they will trust you. Sometimes, they will have questions.

You should be friendly when answering their questions. Friendly and patient are very important so your costumers will love you.

9. Give best service

Service is very important for costumers. You can give a guarantee to attract the consumers. Serving as fast as possible is also essential point.

Obstacles And Solutions In A Crazy Mad Marketing World


Online business is very popular now. This business has proven to provide fantastic income for several people. There are many people who want to start this business. Before starting online business, learning the obstacles and solutions to solve them is very important.

This topic is often discussed in several media. However, I think that many people are still searching and continuing to collect information about the obstacles in online business. Previously, I have explained three obstacles and their solutions.

At this time, I will continue to explain the other obstacles and their solutions.

Internet access

The main requirement in starting an online business is the availability of Internet access. It can be said that internet connection is the soul of the online business. Certainly, an online business can not be operated without internet access. Therefore, the problems will arise if the business suddenly loses internet connection.

This can happen if the internet dues have not been paid, or internet is disconnected abruptly. Other causes could occur when businessman goes to the city that has horrible internet signal. To resolve this problem, you should check and try to pay the Internet credit on time. It can minimize the upcoming hassles.

Surely, the cost of the Internet should be included as a major expenditure budget when planning the business. If you are traveling to the other area, try to appoint a trusted person to handle your business awhile. You can also manage your business so that everything can be resolved even if it is in a place that has bad internet connection.

Less knowledge about online shop

Another problem encountered is not only from the business itself but also the consumers. There are several citizens in some countries that can not fully operate the Internet properly, especially people who live in rural area. There are still many people who are not accustomed to use online services to meet their daily needs.

In some developed countries, the citizens are often using online services to buy their household necessities, such as foods, clothes, and so on. However, in rural area the citizens are still reluctant to use online shop because they do not have much information about online system.

This can be seen from the frequently asked questions of consumers. Usually, the explanation is contained in the pictures and instructions but they still ask about the materials, shapes, sizes, and how to buy.

You should create an easy payment system that has many alternatives. For example, you need to open an account in some banks to facilitate the transaction. If anyone asks, although the explanation is already listed, you should try to remain friendly answer.

Government regulations

Apart from the consumer, the obstacle can also come from the government. The government should make some basic and clear policy on internet trading. It is necessary to ensure the safety in using the online shop. If there is clear regulation about online shop people will feel safer to use the online services.

Those are some common obstacles faced by online businessman. Of course, not everyone experiences the same obstacles. If you have other obstacles, try to find the solutions and never give up.

Get The Best 8 SEO Tools On The Internet

8 Best SEO Tools

SEO tools are very important for blogger. You can improve the traffic of your blog using SEO tools. At this time, I want to tell you several best SEO tools. This is a list of the best SEO tools

1. Majestic seo tool

This website is a quite large website that is widely used by professionals of internet marketing or SEO practitioners. This website provides several facilities so you can monitor news and traffic on your website. You can also analyze your competitors and create backlinks.

You can use this website for free and forever. It is very nice. You do not need to spend too much money to increase the traffic on your blog.

2. Small SEO Tools

Do not be fooled by its name. Although the name is small tools, it is a complete tool. By using small seo tools, you will be given around 59 analyzes and reports for free.

You can use plagiarism checker, articles rewritter, link tracker, backlink maker, backlink checker, google pagerank checker. You can also check the position of our keywords and ping website. There are many more tools that you can use to improve your blog to be in the first position of google.

3. Ahrefs SEO Tool

You can choose this tool if you want to check the backlinks. This tool is created to check the backlinks. This application provides high accurate data about the number of backlinks on your blog and provides a backlink update that you have every 15 minutes.

This web application is one of the most popular applications among the SEO experts.

4. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is also a very useful tool for you to increase the traffic of your blog. Google Webmaster Tools is an SEO application that you can use for free.

You can check the status of your site. By using Google Webmaster Tools application, you can also see the broken links, register your blog or site to google, see how google bot indexing your blog or website and more. Google Webmaster Tools is very useful application.

5. Keyword Tool.io

Keyword Tool.io is a tool that you can use to search and research the keywords. By using Keyword Tool.io, you will get long tail keywords that are relevant by using google autocomplate.

This tool is the best tool because it can give you 750 keywords. It has good accuracy in guessing keywords. Keyword Tool.io is free. You can use it with google keyword planner and ubersuggerst.

6. Google analytics

Google analytics will give you an analysis report on your blog. It can be free or paid. Google analytics is commonly used to analyze and report the traffic on your blog or website. Currently, Google analytics is a very common application used to analyze the traffic coming to your blog or website.

7. Seoquake

Seoquake is a free tool that you can use to analyze your site or blog. You can also analyze the SEO of your competitors by using this free application. This application can be downloaded and worked as a plugin from Mozilla Firefox browser. You can easily analyze your blog and the blog of your competitors.

8. Copyscape

Copyscape is a tool that you can use to check whether your articles has passed from plagiarism or not. This application is a free. But, CopyScape also provides premium account to get better facilities. CopyScape may be able to detect plagiarism of article on the internet anywhere. This tool is widely used by bloggers to check their articles.

Top 3 Benefits Of SEO For Online Business

Top Three SEO Strategies

Most of us have known what Search Engine Optimization is. It is often abbreviated as SEO. It is a series of efforts made by a webmaster on a website to increase the visibility of a web page so it can be better in the search engines, especially Google.

Website page that has good ranking on Google search page will have an opportunity to get more potential visitors for free continuously.

When we type a keyword on Google search page, we will see a list of websites related to that keyword. Website/blog page that is optimized well and located at the top sequences (positions 1-4) will usually get more visitors compared to a website that is located at the bottom of the search results.

We need to consider that the website/blog that is optimized well by SEO is a website that is in top sequences from the organic search results, not a website that advertises on Google.

What are the benefits of SEO for a businessman?

All businesses should definitely have a profit. Various ways will be done by the businessmen to improve their company’s profits, either by offline marketing or internet marketing. Here are some benefits of SEO in online marketing business:

1. Bring Potential to Business Website Traffic

As mentioned earlier that the web page optimized well by SEO will get good rankings in the search engines as well. Better position of your website pages on Google will provide greater potential to get visitors. These potential visitors will be prospective customers of your business.

Google users usually type unique keywords when they search the products they need or find helpful information to provide solutions to their problems.

When they find your business website through Google, most likely they will become your customers because they use keywords that are relevant to your business. Potential traffic will continuously come to your website for free and will help increasing the number of your customers.

2. Increase brand awareness of your business

Brand awareness is the ability of prospective consumers to recognize and remember the brand. The more famous brand on a particular niche can increase intensity of the sales. Optimizing search engine optimization (SEO) is one good ways to increase brand awareness of a business.

More people who are opening your website from the search engines can make your business brand also automatically will be more famous, at least among Internet users.

3. Get Customer Data freely

Many online businessmen are willing to spend a lot of money to advertise in various media to get the contact information (email, phone number, address) of loyal customers and prospective customers. By knowing the data you will be easier to contact them when there is new product.

You can also give special offers easily. You will need another service to store your customer data base. For example, you can use an autoresponder service to build an email list of your customer.

Actually, there are many benefits of SEO for your business. But, I think three points above are the most important. You will feel the benefits of SEO to your business if you have experienced it yourself. Surely, your business will be more stable if your website is optimized well in the search engines.

Voice Communication Is Necessary For All MLM Business Models

telephone service for small business

You are not gonna like to order a simple cup of coffee for yourself or for your clients or for the guests by getting out of your room, going downstairs, burning your calories and wasting your energy. Well, you can also just make a simple call to the peon to do the same job. The old but the most valuable thing that you can install in your business to make your business look more formal and professional is a telephone service installation.

If you run a small business and haven’t installed the telephone service yet, then, believe me, you’re not doing right with your business. You might think that installing a telephone service may cost you some extra bucks, but literally, it is going to make your business look official and formal at the same time. Having a telephone service in your business, especially in a small business, is worth than having nothing for the communication.

  1. Saves time

Installing a telephone service in your small business will greatly save your time. Well, I’m targeting the small businesses here because every big and large business already has telephone service installed because they know the real advantage of it, that’s why I will be targeting the small businesses here as they usually don’t give value to the installation of telephones in their business. So, I will advise them to use telephones as it is going to save their time. As I have explained before by giving you the example of ‘ordering a cup of coffee’, many things will require communication within the business and also outside of business, so you may not want to waste your precious time if you can do the same job just by making a simple call of a minute or two.

  1. Faster communication

In the last century, when the earth was out of telephones, we all know, there wasn’t any source for the faster communication. But if today we have the option to communicate faster, then why we’re not determined to use it? Well, the reason for this is just a fear of investing in something which doesn’t retain direct revenues. The owners of small businesses should be educated about the long-term revenues of telephone service.

  1. Make your business look formal

The thing that I love the most is the beauty of business with the telephones, as well as with the mobile phones too. You might have seen many business ads with a nice looking guy holding a TELEPHONE, which means a business is all about the continuous communication with the customers and nothing else. Now, if the big businesses are using telephones as their main tool, then why not you? Literally, the telephone is one of the most formal items that a business should have to keep its standard and reputation.

  1. Dealing with more clients in a single time

I know, after getting yourself notified about the benefits of telephones, you are now gonna install it, right? If your answer is still no, then after knowing the fact that the telephone will drive more customers and will increase your sales, there is no way left to skip it. Yeah, that’s right, the telephone will allow you to handle more than two customers simultaneously, allowing you to make multiple revenues in a single time. This factor also allows you to expand your business globally.

All the big businesses provide Customer Support service to their customers which are the job completely based on the telephones. This service also provide a great satisfaction to their customers as their customers don’t have to contact them physically in the office, they just make a simple call to register their query.

  1. Globalization of your business

Now, you will not be just limited to your own street or city, you can grow your business globally by contacting the people of other areas and setting them as your business target. This rule of thumb is not limited to just a city or a town, you can grow your business at a whole new level. The telephones will be the best option to contact your customers which are far away from your location. Actually, now your business is globalized and you can make a profit from it.

  1. Long-term customer relationship

Giving your customers a sense of satisfaction will attract them a second time as well. The customer satisfaction is something that creates trust and reliance in the customer’s mind. This trust then builds up a strong customer relationship which is a good turn in the long run. Long term relation with your customers boosts up your sales as well as the trust that will force the customers to contact you again whenever they need your services. This will help in upholding the old and driving the new customers to your business which is a profitable act for your business.

  1. Make more money:

Finally, after all, this long debate about giving your customers a sense of satisfaction, providing them reliance, building trust and making a long term relation, we come to now that a telephone service can take your small business to a whole new level. The telephone in your business can help you in making more and more money as it is offering you to contact as many customers as you can handle in a single time, which will surely increase your revenues at the end of the month.

Basically, the telephone reduces the distances between your customers. Suppose, your customers have a query and want to inform you about it, he is not gonna visit your residency or business location just to inform you about his query. He’ll always be in search of making a simple call to let you notified. So, you have to bring about a progressive and successful attempt to fulfill your buyer’s needs and requirements. Hence, installing a telephone service in your small will surely serve you like a pro because it is going to attract many buyers and keeping them satisfied regarding your services.