3 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

3 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

Money is something needed in this life. We need money to meet our needs. We should have money for buying foods, clothes, house, and much more. Many people work hard to get money so they can meet their needs. But, you should also do several simple things to get extra money. Do you want to make money online? These are the ways that you can do to get extra cash in your pocket.

Do Small Jobs

You can do small job from some people that are ready to hire you. You just need to do the required task. If the task is completed, you will be paid. The payment of the task can be different.

  1. Field Agent

Field Agent requires you to help gather information. You will be an agent and find jobs. The job is various. As an example, you might be hired to shoot video or take photos of a product’s display in a store. You can also get extra money by answering the consumer surveys. You will be paid using the Field Agent app. You might be able to earn $2$12 for each job. You can earn much money if you can complete more tasks.

  1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack will help you to make your own source of income if you have a certain skill. This is an online marketplace particularly for local professionals. You can find personal trainers, florists, painters, makeup artists, pet sitters roofers, and others with the site. Potential customers will answer some questions about what they need. Through this site, you can see their requirements and propose the jobs that you would like to do. This is nice site to make money online.

  1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit will take you in touch with some people that need immediate help. You will become a tasker. You should complete an application, pass an interview, and overtake the background check. You should also take a quiz to show that you read the handbook. The tasks are various from planning a party, assembling furniture, doing small repairs, shopping, and so on.

Sell handmade crafts

You can earn money online by selling handmade items. It will be a fun way. These are the recommended sites for you.

  1. Etsy

You can make your own online store for selling your handmade crafts. You will be able to make money online. Etsy will make you easy to make a product catalog so the buyers can easily see and buy your items. It is free to make your shop, but this site charges a fee for every item that you post. It will take a 3.5% cut for anything you sell.

  1. Handmade at Amazon

Amazon is similar to Etsy, but it is a much larger site. It means that there will be bigger possibility to be seen by more customers. There is no charge to list your handmade crafts. But, Amazon will take 12% of your sales.


If you love writing, these sites will pay you to write.

  1. WriterAccess

This site connects lots of freelance writers. Freelancers should send their resumes and complete the screening process. The prices are various depending on the star rating.

  1. ListVerse

ListVerse will pay you for 10 fun facts about anything. The articles should start with the number 10. If you love writing, it is easy way to make money online.