Obstacles And Solutions In A Crazy Mad Marketing World


Online business is very popular now. This business has proven to provide fantastic income for several people. There are many people who want to start this business. Before starting online business, learning the obstacles and solutions to solve them is very important.

This topic is often discussed in several media. However, I think that many people are still searching and continuing to collect information about the obstacles in online business. Previously, I have explained three obstacles and their solutions.

At this time, I will continue to explain the other obstacles and their solutions.

Internet access

The main requirement in starting an online business is the availability of Internet access. It can be said that internet connection is the soul of the online business. Certainly, an online business can not be operated without internet access. Therefore, the problems will arise if the business suddenly loses internet connection.

This can happen if the internet dues have not been paid, or internet is disconnected abruptly. Other causes could occur when businessman goes to the city that has horrible internet signal. To resolve this problem, you should check and try to pay the Internet credit on time. It can minimize the upcoming hassles.

Surely, the cost of the Internet should be included as a major expenditure budget when planning the business. If you are traveling to the other area, try to appoint a trusted person to handle your business awhile. You can also manage your business so that everything can be resolved even if it is in a place that has bad internet connection.

Less knowledge about online shop

Another problem encountered is not only from the business itself but also the consumers. There are several citizens in some countries that can not fully operate the Internet properly, especially people who live in rural area. There are still many people who are not accustomed to use online services to meet their daily needs.

In some developed countries, the citizens are often using online services to buy their household necessities, such as foods, clothes, and so on. However, in rural area the citizens are still reluctant to use online shop because they do not have much information about online system.

This can be seen from the frequently asked questions of consumers. Usually, the explanation is contained in the pictures and instructions but they still ask about the materials, shapes, sizes, and how to buy.

You should create an easy payment system that has many alternatives. For example, you need to open an account in some banks to facilitate the transaction. If anyone asks, although the explanation is already listed, you should try to remain friendly answer.

Government regulations

Apart from the consumer, the obstacle can also come from the government. The government should make some basic and clear policy on internet trading. It is necessary to ensure the safety in using the online shop. If there is clear regulation about online shop people will feel safer to use the online services.

Those are some common obstacles faced by online businessman. Of course, not everyone experiences the same obstacles. If you have other obstacles, try to find the solutions and never give up.

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